A flight of fantasy here...?


Out hunting jet lobes following the suggestion from Jean, I came across these two very bright blue features. The interesting thing about them is that they seem to be mirror images of each other, which is a characteristic I have seen in radio jets. As the source precesses, the jets wander around, creating a kind of “corkscrew” pattern either side of the host galaxy, with the lobes on either side having a similar morphology. It is just possible that these might be jet lobes from a very faint galaxy with an AGN that hasn’t been resolved in the image…?

Nice! :slight_smile:

These definitely look like jets to me. They are very bright in far UV according to GALEX.

…and I found them on my birthday too! :star_struck:

Happy birthday, a surprise! :smile:

Why not use your new-found powers, especially with SkyView, to investigate further?

Only GALEX seems to show these features in anything other than optical. None of the radio or X-Ray surveys seem to cover this part of the sky.

Could it be that nobody else has noticed them yet???

Someone get Hubble onto it…

In the DR8 catalogue there are two objects identified that could be the source of these jets (if that is indeed what they are). One is classified as type P and the other as type R. What are those classifications?