4 purple blobs with no data


Also ran across this purple blob today, which I don’t see any data for. Looking at it at http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr13/en/tools/chart/navi.aspx?ra=177.07581&dec=-1.6399604 , it seems to be a group of at least four objects. I don’t usually see purple blobs like this, and have no idea what they are, except maybe just a group of 4 galaxies.

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That’s awesome!

Hi Saganesque,

The purple blobs have a redshift almost equal to the galaxy at 1 o’clock, which is an AGN (Seyfert 1) galaxy.

So it looks like a strange starburst / pea galaxy, but maybe it is a voorwerp (EELC)?



Cool find anyway!


Both galaxies have data in Simbad Search and in NED. So they are known. The first one is SDSS J114742.25-012347.2 andthe other one is UM 454.The first one is an irregular galaxy with starburst. And the other one is a highly disturbed spiral with starburst. Maybe a merger or #voorwerp candidate.

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